Using Our Services

Willis Aerial Imagery offers a straightforward process for using their services: 

    1. Get in touch: Contact Willis Aerial Imagery by calling, texting, or emailing them to discuss your specific needs and requirements. 
    2. Service confirmation: Once you have communicated your requirements, Willis Aerial Imagery will provide you with a detailed overview of the services they offer that align with your needs. At this stage, you can discuss pricing and any other necessary details to finalize the agreement. 
    3. Aerial photography and videography: Willis Aerial Imagery will schedule a date and time to capture the desired photos and videos using their specialized aerial equipment. They will ensure that the shots are taken from the desired angles and heights as per your instructions. 
    4. Editing process: After capturing the footage, Willis Aerial Imagery will edit the photos and videos professionally to enhance their quality and prepare them for final delivery. This includes color correction, cropping, and any other adjustments required. 
    5. Invoice and creatives delivery: Once the editing is complete, Willis Aerial Imagery will send you an invoice for the services rendered. They utilize a platform called Paypixl for payment processing. In addition, they will deliver the final edited photos and videos to you via the same platform. 
    6. Revision and finalization: If you require any changes or adjustments to the delivered creatives, you can communicate your feedback to Willis Aerial Imagery. They will make the necessary revisions promptly to ensure your complete satisfaction. 
    That's a brief overview of how to utilize Willis Aerial Imagery services. Feel free to reach out to them through the provided contact channels for a more detailed and personalized experience.