Do your real estate listings need aerial photography?

It’s almost impossible to think of an industry that hasn’t been changed by advancements in technology over the last few years, and real estate is no different. The only way to buy a house used to be to hire an agent to find something that met your preferences and go check it out with no idea what you were about to see. Today, 90% of buyers are shopping online and making the bulk of their decisions before they ever step foot on a property, often before they even talk to an agent. With all the houses online now, people are shopping differently. Their first impression isn’t a list of features; it’s a photo. You know the one, the primary image you choose for a listing that holds the buyer’s attention for a whole 20 seconds before they move on to anything else. Competitive agents and brokers are making that primary image count, and it’s increasing their returns on marketing investments by tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Increase your average number of closed deals per year.

Increase your average number of closed deals per year. The number one most important thing you need to know about aerial photography in the real estate industry is, yes, it will make you money. Let’s say your stats are average, so you close 11 deals in a year and make about $57,750. Based on the MLS statistics regarding aerial photography, you’ll be closing 17 deals a year and making almost $90,000 just by using drone imaging. MLS reports that homes with aerial photos are sold 68% faster than traditional photos, and 73% of homeowners prefer to work with realtors who use aerial photography. These images bring your brand more online visibility and sell your properties faster. What’s not to love?

They’re accessible to virtually every marketing budget. 

Aerial photography used to be done from a helicopter or small plane. Agents and brokers wouldn’t hire a photographer, charter a plane, plan the shots, and rent the expensive equipment for just any old house. That kind of marketing package was for multi-million-dollar properties. Today, drones can be piloted remotely with HQ 4K cameras and gimbal stabilizers. That means perfect photos in minutes for not very much money at all. The shots are even cleaner, more detailed, more creative, and more attractive than the old, expensive ones. 

Because aerial photography and videography are so affordable, savvy agents are starting to use them more and more. If you plan on staying competitive, it’s time to consider bumping up your photo game to the new standard.

Lakeside, Oregon

That first photo matters.

How many times has a buyer scrolled right past their dream house because that first image didn’t catch their eye? Maybe it even put them off. When checking out a property, 90% of buyers spend most of their time focused on that first photo, but it doesn’t end there. Buyers spend 60% of their time in the photo section, scrolling and imagining themselves and their families in those homes. That’s three times the amount of time they’ll spend with the description or the other remarks about the property. Without an aerial photo, they may never scroll down enough to find out what the surrounding area offers.

Hire the right photographer

You need a licensed remote airman with experience capturing the exterior features of real estate. Willis Aerial Imagery is a licensed and insured drone photography and videography firm that can take your property marketing to new heights of revenue and agent/broker stats. Step your game up and book a consultation now.

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